About Us


Hello! We are a married couple who games together as a hobby and believe there should be more wholesome, cozy spaces on the internet, where people can come together, online and off, to create positive experiences. We were raised on Nintendo and Sega, back when you sat down with your friends or a sibling in front of the spare tv and spent hours together exploring 8-bit imaginary worlds and the little pixel characters tasked with saving them.

Even as adults, nothing beats the excitement of exploring a strange new world, where the rules of physics don’t always apply and there’s plenty of nooks to search through for all the glorious hidden coins and treasures. Unfortunately, with internet trolls, Steam review bombing, and the mainstream view among gamers that if a game isn’t frustratingly difficult, made by a AAA studio, and/or full of gore, it isn’t a ‘real’ game, it can be difficult to find content which suits our needs. We at Indie Evenings believe none of these things are needed to provide a worthwhile gaming experience, and many of our favourite games aren’t top choices on Steam!

We’ve curated a library of games primarily made by small developers which allow us to recreate that childhood experience of bonding with someone special over an evening of pixely fun, and we’re here to share it with you! Our reviews aren’t typical, as we trust there’s always someone deep-diving everything a Google search away; rather, we give quick, one-minute overviews on our favorite two-player games, and why they led to us spending our entire weekend on the couch. We don’t just enjoy cozy games, either. What’s an evening of gaming without something yummy to snack on and a cat who wants to steal it?

For games, recipes, coziness, and cats, let’s spend our evenings together!


Wizard of Legend

Children of Morta