Binding of Isaac Rebirth with AntiBirth Mod

The Binding of Isaac is not recommended for kids even though it’s cartoony in nature. That being said it’s an interesting dark adventure in treasure hunting and slaying grotesque monsters. In it’s default form it’s not extremely fun as a co-op game. However, if you install the antibirth mod it becomes quite an awesome 2 player experience. I didn’t think it was going to be something that we would play co-op together, but the randomness of the power ups and the fact that it’s still rather cartoony in nature had us picking up the controller and doing runs even before we found the 2 player mod:

👾 graphics: Simple, Twisted Pixel Art

🎼 sound: Dark & Foreboding

🎮 playability: High Replay Value

🏆 worth it: Definitely

😄 😃 Partner Approved gaming: Medium


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