Hue is a single-player puzzle/platformer game, free on the Epic Games Store this weekend, where a child named Hue explores a colourless world in search of his mother, a scientist who researches colour. The main mechanic grants the player the ability to change the background colour of a level from grey to one of eight unlockable colours, allowing Hue to jump through and have other interactions with objects of the same or different colour (colourblind mode available, which we played with on, for the sake of clarity). It’s an interesting mechanic better understood by experiencing it, and combined with physics-based and timing platforming mechanics, allows for a plethora of challenging, yet approachable, puzzles which keep the player’s attention long past when we thought we would need to set the game down to rest our brains.

👾 graphics: monochromatic sprites, visually appealing

🎼 sound: soothing, melancholic

🎮 playability: single player only, fairly linear

🏆 worth it: if you enjoy puzzle games, this one offers a great experience similar to Limbo, equally as solemn but not as dark



Hardware: 8bitdo sn30pro plus