Hollow Knight



Hollow Knight is a Platformer about a fallen kingdom of bugs. It’s a platformer in nature, but has some strategic elements due to the fact that there’s emblems you can acquire that work like power-ups and they can be used in different combinations.

The world has quite a bit of atmosphere and the music deepens this experience greatly. It’s not necessarily a dark game, but rather a little melancholy in parts. It’s without a doubt worth playing through at least one time through and taking your time with it.

As far as difficulty goes, it always seems fair and the controls are quite tight. However, later in the game there are a few parts that are rather elitist in nature, but they don’t need to be experienced to get full enjoyment out of the game.

This game is rated E10+ here in the Americas, but I think the PEGI rating of 7+ is more appropriate. So long as the player is well adjusted and doesn’t get overly frustrated at failing and realizes that they will get better over time.

👾 graphics: Cartoon-like

🎼 sound: Atmospheric

🎮 playability: Awesome / Tight

🏆 worth it: Definitely



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