Lovers in a Dangerous Space Time


This game is great fun as it provides an opportunity for cooperation as oppose to competition with it’s co-op modes. I’m basing it off of a 2 player playthrough, but it now supports up to 4 players.

The overall premise of the game is to pilot a spaceship to save little trapped critters from mechanical monsters. Everything is whismical in nature and the game rewards helping others.

There’s some level of strategy in having to man shields, guns and the motor of the ship with just two people. More than that while fun would certainly change things up a bit as there would be less frantic movement between the seats.

From a technical standpoint I would definitely recommend playing this one with a controller or multiple controllers if you’re playing multiplayer as there’s a lot going on and you don’t want to be fumbling for keyboard keys.

👾 graphics: Bright and Enchanting

🎼 sound: Fun EDM-like

🎮 playability: Smooth and Quite Replayable

🏆 worth it: Definitely

😄 😃 Partner Approved gaming: High


Hollow Knight